My Old Ass Movie 2024 Release Date, Story, Trailer

Do you ever wish you could give advice to your younger self if you could travel back in time? What if the older version of you was like Aubrey Plaza, a master of sarcastic wit? That’s the basic idea behind My Old Ass, one of many comedies scheduled for release in 2024. My Old Ass was one of the films that had its world premiere at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. Now, it is getting ready to be shown to moviegoers all over the world as one of the summer indie films that will be an alternative to the big blockbuster movies on the schedule.

My Old Ass Movie

My Old Ass, a $15 million Sundance pick-up from Amazon MGM Studios, will begin its limited release on August 2. Megan Park is the director and writer behind the LuckyChap and Indian Paintbrush production, which also features Maisy Stella, Aubrey Plaza, Maddie Ziegler, Percy Hynes White, and Kerrice Brooks. During a trip to the mushrooms, Stella (Elliott), the bright but irreverent Elliott, meets Plaza (Plaza), her older self, for the first time. As Elliott gets ready to leave the house she grew up in, the encounter sets the stage for a funny and touching journey of self-discovery and first love.

Release Date

My Old Ass premieres exclusively in movie theaters on August 2, 2024, with a limited release. It’s muddled how restricted right now, yet it will grow over resulting weeks. We are unable to confirm whether the movie will be released in the UK at this time.

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My Old Ass, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and was bought by Amazon MGM, is about an 18-year-old Elliott (Maisy Stella) who meets her 39-year-old self (Aubrey Plaza), who tells her not to fall in love with anyone. The fest will come to a close with Karen Knox’s sophomore feature film We Forgot To Break Up, which is based on the Canadian novel Heidegger Stairwell by Kayt Burgess. Sisters, directed by Susie Yankou, serves as this year’s 2024 RE:Focus Gala selection and Anthony Schatteman’s Young Hearts, his debut feature, serves as The Centerpiece Gala film.

My Old Ass Cast

As the older version of the main character Elliott, Parks & Recreation and White Lotus season 2 star Aubrey Plaza is the most well-known member of the My Old Ass cast. Maisy Stella, on the other hand, is the 18-year-old Elliott who is the main character of the movie. Stella is best known for her role as Daphne Conrad in the television series Nashville. Percy Hynes White (from the first season of Wednesday), Maddie Ziegler (from The Fallout), and Kerrice Brooks (from How We Roll) are also in the cast.

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The Plot: My Old Ass

“In this fresh coming-of-age story, an 18th birthday mushroom trip brings free-spirited Elliott face-to-face with her wisecracking 39-year-old self,” reads the official synopsis for Megan Park’s My Old Ass. Be that as it may, when Elliott’s ‘old ass’ beginnings passing out admonitions about what her more youthful self ought to and shouldn’t do, Elliott acknowledges she needs to reevaluate everything about family, love and what’s turning into a groundbreaking summer.”

My Old Ass Movie Trailer

Stella’s first film, My Old Ass, is her lead role. In it, she plays an annoying teenager who is also a young adult who is aware that she should follow her old ass’s advice. Stella’s performance wonderfully captures the joy of youth and the melancholy of getting exactly what you want while realizing it’s not what you expected. Park’s film is trying to capture the idea of that final period before leaving home.

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Final Words

In Megan Park’s My Old Ass, Elliott (Maisy Stella) is kind of a pain in the ass—but in the way that all eighteen-year-olds are. In fact, Elliott has decided to spend her 18th birthday in the woods with her best friends, Maddie Ziegler and Kerrice Brooks, rather than spend time with her family, who are waiting at the dinner table with a homemade birthday cake. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to a teenager to choose friends over family, but in hindsight, it might need a little more thought and care.

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