Mother of the Bride 2024 Release Date, Story, Trailer

Weddings are generally friendly minefields. Be that as it may, when your little girl is wedding your ex’s child? How is that seating chart assigned? Brooke Safeguards is going to figure out in Mother of the Bride of the hour, another romantic comedy coordinated by Imprint Waters (He’s All That, Mean Young ladies, Freaky Friday) from a content by Robin Bernheim, who wrote the Princess Switch set of three. Palace for Christmas star Safeguards will show up close by a top pick gathering of wedding specialists in the marital droll satire, and we have all the hot wedding tattle you might actually look for.

Mother of the Bride

Lana’s little girl Emma gets back from abroad and drops a sensation: she’s getting hitched. In Thailand. Next month! Things possibly deteriorate when Lana discovers that the one who caught Emma’s heart is the child of the one who broke hers quite a while back. The decoration just delivered the main trailer for the new rom-com, Mother of the Bride of the hour, which you can watch underneath. Peruse on to learn everything about the new Netflix film featuring Brooke Safeguards and Miranda Cosgrove. Mark Waters (He’s All That, Mean Young ladies, Freaky Friday) is the overseer of Mother of the Bride, while Robin Bernheim (the Princess Switch set of three) wrote the content.

Release Date

Mother of the Bride is set to debut solely on Netflix on May 9, 2024. This implies that instead of watching the film as a feature of a current membership expense, you might need to pay cash to lease the film carefully on Amazon. Notwithstanding, Warner Brothers. furthermore, Amazon still can’t seem to examine whether this will be the situation.

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Mother Of The Bride Story

Mark Waters will direct and Robin Bernheim will write the American romantic comedy Mother of the Bride. The troupe cast highlights Brooke Safeguards, Miranda Cosgrove, Benjamin Bratt, Chad Michael Murray, and Rachael Harris. The adventures of Brooke Shields and Miranda Cosgrove in the first trailer for Netflix’s romantic comedy Mother of the Bride may be the best example of last-minute wedding plans going awry. Mark Waters’ film debuts on the decoration May 9 and furthermore stars Benjamin Bratt, Chad Michael Murray, Rachael Harris and Sean Teale. Mother of the Bride fixates on Emma (Cosgrove), who stuns her mother, Lana (Safeguards), with the disclosure that she is getting hitched in a month in Thailand. When Lana finds out that the groom’s father is Will (Bratt), who broke her heart years ago, more problems arise.


The story follows Emma, played by Miranda Cosgrove, who gets back from a year abroad in London with astounding news for her mom Lana (Brooke Safeguards) – she’s getting hitched in only a month, and the wedding will be held at a rich retreat in Phuket, Thailand. In any case, pressures rise when Lana finds that Emma’s life partner is the child of a her man heart quite a long time back, making way for a satire of mistakes and unforeseen turns.

The Cast of Mother of the Bride

Safeguards (The Blue Tidal pond, Abruptly Susan) plays Lana, and Miranda Cosgrove (School of Rock, iCarly) plays her girl Emma. Additionally featuring in the film are Benjamin Bratt (Miss Congeniality), Rachael Harris (Suits), Sean Teale (Skins), Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Slope), Michael McDonald (MADtv), Wilson Cruz (My Alleged Life), Tasneem Roc (The Agency of Supernatural Things).

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Upcoming Romantic Comedy Mother of the Bride

Netflix has fixed the delivery date of the forthcoming rom-com Mother of the Bride of the hour. The film will debut on the streaming site on May 9. The film is directed by Mark Waters, who also directed Mean Girls. It stars Miranda Cosgrove and Brooke Shields. Benjamin Pratt likewise plays the lead job in the film. “At the point when a mother prepares for her little girl’s unexpected wedding, she finds that the lucky man is the child of the one who made herextremely upset quite a while back,” peruses the authority portrayal of the film.

Mother of The Bride Trailer

The trailer for the impending Netflix film, Mother of the Bride of the hour, is out. The romantic comedy film was written by Robin Bernheim, who also wrote the Princess Switch trilogy. It was directed by Mark Waters, who is also known for He’s All That, Mean Girls, and Freaky Friday. In the film, Brooke Safeguards will before long figure out how each wedding is a social minefield and how she needs to conclude who sits where when her girl weds her ex’s child. In this hilarious slapstick comedy, she is one of several A-list wedding attendants.

A Wedding with A Twist

The trailer for Mother of the Bride of the hour gives a brief look at Emma (Miranda Cosgrove), Lana’s (Safeguards) little girl, coming from her abroad excursion and declaring her commitment. To get hitched in the place that is known for Thailand in a month. The circumstance turns out to be considerably more convoluted when Lana figures out that the one who prevailed upon Emma is really the child of the one who sold out her previously.

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