Touch Movie 2024 Release Date, Story, Trailer

Center Highlights we hear has set a July 12, 2024 restricted dramatic delivery date for Baltasar Kormákur’s heartfelt show Touch. Widespread Pictures Global is taking care of worldwide appropriation sans Iceland. The film depends on Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson’s top of the line Icelandic novel distributed by Ecco/Harper Collins in the U.S in August 2022. The film follows one single man’s close to home excursion to find his most memorable love who vanished quite a while back before his time expires. The American Culture of Supernatural Negroes (which is debuting at Sundance), and Goran Stolevski’s next include Housekeeping for Novices.

Touch Movie

RVK Studios’ Kormákur and Agnes Johansen delivered Touch close by Great Turmoil’s Mike Goodridge. Touch stars Egill Ólafsson, Kōki, Pálmi Kormákur, Masahiro Motoki, Yoko Narahashi, Meg Kubota, Tatsuya Tagawa, Charles Nishikawa, Sigurður Ingvarsson, Starkaður Pétursson, Benedikt Erlingsson, Kieran Buckeridge, Ruth Sheen, María Ellingsen and Masatoshi Nakamura. Center Elements’ 2024 setup incorporates Ethan Coen and Tricia Cooke’s Drive-Away Dolls, the Amy Winehouse biopic Back to Dark, Robert Eggers’ reconsidering of Nosferatu, Edward Berger’s spine chiller Conference, Jeff Nichols’ The Bikeriders, Zelda Williams’ component first time at the helm Lisa Frankenstein by Diablo Cody, Kobi Libii’s sarcastic parody.

Release Date

12 July 2024, The story traverses a very long while and mainlands. Ólafsson and Kormákur co-composed the film. Thus, ensure you stay close by until the finish of this article to learn all that you want to be aware of Touch, from the plot to the cast and considerably more.

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Touch, a forthcoming film by Baltasar Kormákur, is good to go to pull on your heartstrings as the story spins around lost love. This film depends on a novel by Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson and to the extent that the trailer goes, gives off an impression of being a visual treat that you would have zero desire to pass up, which is the reason we’re here to let you know all that you really want to be familiar with Touch. Sentiment films are consistently a work of art, the sort that carries tears to your eyes, and that is the excursion you will leave on with Touch.

The Plot of Touch

The reason of this film rotates around the fundamental person, Kristófer, and his process before times pursue out for him the specialist educates him regarding a dangerous sickness. This is a great time when he wants to finish everything without exception in his life that he generally needed, which leads him determined to track down his lost love following 50 years. The trailer of Touch uncovers that the film will happen in right now with a few flashbacks of the past when Kristófer initially met the adoration for life, Miko, notwithstanding, their adoration was hidden from her dad and was deserted due to their disparities.

The Cast of Touch Movie

Touch has a different cast of capable entertainers and entertainers including Egill Ólafsson (Prescription Allt A Hreinu, When the Raven Flies) who will play the lead job of Kristófer. Playing the more youthful variant of Kristófer is Palmi Kormákur (A Little Outing to Paradise, The Profound), who will be joined by Mitsuki Kimura (Self destruction Backwoods Town, Harmful Roses), or as she is broadly known, Koki.

A Romantic & Thrilling Story

In light of the Icelandic smash hit novel by Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson, Touch is a heartfelt and exciting story that traverses a very long while and mainlands. Touch follows one single man’s personal process to find his most memorable love who vanished quite a while back, before his time expires. Baltasar Kormakur both composes and coordinates the film. Kormakur is known for helming holding dramatizations like the mountain endurance epic “Everest” and activity wrongdoing spine chillers, for example, “2 Weapons” and “Stash.” “Touch ” denotes Kormakur’s re-visitation of Icelandic film after his acclaimed Icelandic movies “The Pledge” (2016) and “The Profound” (2012).

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Starring In Touch Movie

Egill Olafsson, Palmi Kormakur, Koki, Masahiro Motoki, Sigurdur Ingvarsson, Yoko Narahashi, Masatoshi Nakamura, Meg Kubota, Maria Ellingsen, Eiji Mihara, Theodor Juliusson, Starkadur Petursson, Ruth Sheen, Benedikt Erlingsson, Tatsuya Tagawa, Charles Nishikawa From acclaimed Icelandic producer Baltasar Kormakur comes a new heartstring-pulling heartfelt show traversing many years, digging into the getting through force of adoration and the hurt of longing for lost sentiment. Look at the authority trailer for “Touch,” a film variation of the top of the line novel by Icelandic creator Olafur Johann Olafsson. Crossing numerous many years, the story follows a single man’s mission to rejoin with his most memorable love, who vanished 50 years prior.


Find what could have been. TOUCH is a film by Baltasar Kormakur, a romantic tale years and miles really taking shape. In light of the Icelandic smash hit novel by Olafur Johann Olafsson, TOUCH is a heartfelt and exciting story that traverses a very long while and landmasses. TOUCH follows one single man’s personal process to find his most memorable love who vanished quite a while back, before his time expires.

When & Where, Watch Touch

The authority release date of the film is as yet a couple of months away, notwithstanding, when it is delivered, it will get the big screen treatment. The impending film by Baltasar Kormákur is set to be delivered in auditoriums on July 12.

Touch Movie Trailer

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Final Words

Icelandic entertainer Egill Ólafsson depicts Kristofer, a retired person wrestling with a terrible finding, who embarks to address some incomplete business. While thinking back about his life, Kristófer leaves on a close to home excursion to find his most memorable love, a youthful Japanese lady he encountered quite a while back in London while going through culinary expert preparation at a Japanese family eatery. His interest takes him to Japan as he endeavors to backtrack her way. In flashback arrangements, Palmi Kormakur depicts the youthful Kristofer, while Japanese model Koki plays the Japanese lady who caught Kristofer’s heart.

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