Thelma The Unicorn Movie 2024 Release Date, Story, Trailer

In Thelma the Unicorn, that is precisely exact thing occurs. The new energized satire in view of the well known youngsters’ books by Aaron Blabey follows Thelma, a humble horse with a major dream: to turn into a hit performer. Furthermore, after a helpful visit from a sparkle and-paint trunk, she gets her desire — however is living as a unicorn truly what Thelma needs? Voiced by Brittany Howard (of Alabama Shakes popularity), Thelma sets out on a melodic experience that will make them tap your feet (or hooves!) alongside the beat. You can look at the trailer for the new film above, and read on for more data about Thelma the Unicorn. This is one pony you ought to wager on.

Thelma The Unicorn Movie

Thelma the Unicorn is a Netflix vivified parody film that follows the main protagonist as she leaves determined to turn into a melodic sensation, going from being a modest horse to something more impressive. The film is coordinated by Napoleon Explosive’s Jared Hess and Lynn Wang, who coordinated the television series Unikitty!, in light of the adored person from The LEGO Film, so we ought to anticipate a lot of giggles, brilliant variety, and in particular, melodic numbers. It will debut solely on Netflix all around the world and vows to be a good time for all the family, with the web-based feature prodding that you’ll be “tapping your feet (or hooves!) alongside the beat.”

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Release Date

Thelma the Unicorn arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, May 17. It doesn’t seem as though it’ll get a venue delivery and will be solely accessible on the web-based feature. Thelma The Unicorn is set to debut on Netflix on May 17, promising an heartwarming and magical experience for audiences of all ages.


In Thelma the Unicorn, a modest horse fantasies about turning into a music star and accomplishes popularity subsequent to claiming to be a unicorn. Be that as it may, the freshly discovered fame accompanies unforeseen difficulties, driving Thelma on an idiosyncratic and sincere excursion. Thelma the Unicorn follows the excursion of a modest horse named Thelma who fantasies about turning into a music sensation. At the point when she acts like a unicorn, her desire works out as expected as she ascends to worldwide fame. In any case, the excitement and marvelousness of distinction accompany their own arrangement of difficulties, provoking Thelma to leave on an eccentric and sincere experience to explore her recently discovered superstar status while remaining consistent with herself. En route, she finds the genuine importance of fellowship, personality, and seeking after one’s fantasies.

Thelma the Unicorn Plot

Thelma began life as a modest horse, however had gigantic fantasies about turning into an impressive music star. She gets her desire when she’s changed into a unicorn, hoisting her to worldwide fame. It sounds unrealistic, and Thelma before long learns it is, with her newly discovered popularity including some significant downfalls! Netflix depicts the film as “an idiosyncratic, funny, and genuine ride”, so we ought to expect somewhat of a profound rollercoaster with regards to Thelma the Unicorn.

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Thelma the Unicorn Cast

Alabama Shakes lead vocalist and guitarist Brittany Howard is the voice of Thelma, bringing her melodic ability along as the nominal unicorn embraces her adoration for singing. Somewhere else, Overcast with an Opportunity of Meatballs star voices Otis, Moana’s Jemaine Forgiving is Vic Jewel, The Mitchells versus The Machines’ Fred Armisen is Danny Steed, while The Headache’s Zach Galifianakis is Dry Exhaust. Balancing the cast are Napoleon Explosive stars Jon Heder and Shondrella Avery as Reggie and Zirconia, individually.


Thelma The Unicorn marks chief Jared Hess’ re-visitation of element movie coordinating after a break since his last film, Geniuses, in 2015. Hess, known for his one of a kind narrating style, co-composed the content with his better half, Jerusha Hess, adjusting it from Aaron Blabey’s dearest youngsters’ books. The pair communicated their fervor for bringing the adorable rebels from Blabey’s books to life on the screen, referring to it as “a little glimpse of heaven.”

Voice Cast

The film flaunts an elegant voice cast, with Jon Heder, Will Strength, Zach Galifianakis, Jemaine Forebearing, Edi Patterson, Partner Dixon and Fred Armisen loaning their voices to different characters. Quite, Brittany Howard, lead vocalist of Alabama Shakes, makes her acting introduction as the voice of Thelma, adding a melodic touch to the film

Thelma the Unicorn Trailer

The trailer showcases Thelma’s journey from an ordinary pony to a glittering unicorn, featuring her longing to be a piece of the eminent melodic occasion, Sparklepalooza. After a mishap covers her in pink paint and sparkle, Thelma finds that she can at last satisfy her fantasy about singing. Regardless of its capricious tone, the trailer alludes to more profound subjects of character and self-esteem as Thelma questions whether her recently discovered popularity depends on her abilities or her appearance.

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Final Words

Thelma The Unicorn, offering a brief look into the bright and charming universe of a horse with huge dreams. The energized film, in light of the well known youngsters’ book, follows Thelma, a horse who fantasies about exhibiting her singing ability to the world. In any case, her fantasies appear to be far off until a lucky disaster changes her into a unicorn. Thelma the Unicorn is a vivified melodic parody film in light of Aaron Blabey’s cherished youngsters’ book series. Planned for a Netflix discharge soon, the film follows Thelma, a horse who fantasies about turning into a music star. The trailer prods her change as she claims to be a unicorn and her excursion to notoriety, with an elegant cast rejuvenating the energized characters.

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