OLA Diamondhead Bike 2024 Launch Date, Features & Specification

Ola’s electric sports motorcycle concept is the Diamondhead. The EV, which is still in its infancy, was displayed last year alongside other Ola concept electric motorcycles. The Ola Diamondhead has a sharp appearance thanks to its streamlined body panels throughout. Its development and the general bodywork show up flush and extremely aerodynamic. The seat and clip-on handles on the motorcycle are made of one piece.

OLA Diamondhead Bike

The battery and motor details will be uncovered by Ola later. Yet, based on what’s noticeable, the Diamondhead gets lateral front suspension and a monoshock. It has ABS-equipped dual front and single rear disc brakes. It appears that 17-inch wheels are used to mount the setup. On Ola’s official website, registration for the Diamondhead has begun.

Launch Date & Price

OLA Diamondhead is supposed to launch in India in October 2024 in the normal value scope of ₹ 1,50,000 to ₹ 2,00,000.

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OLA Diamondhead Features

The leaning seat position of the Ola Diamondhead electric motorcycle also significantly contributes to its aggressive image. Inside the Jewel plan of the electric bike, the clasp on handlebar is fairly subtle and furthermore has a decent look. Because aerodynamics play a significant role in sports motorcycles, the Ola Diamondhead electric motorcycle also has an aerodynamic cowl mounted on the rear wheels.


A cutting-edge powertrain configuration will be included in the upcoming bike. It ought to come equipped with a powerful electric motor and a long-lasting battery pack, promising impressive range and acceleration. A smooth and exhilarating ride is expected to be provided by the powertrain, which is expected to provide optimal efficiency and seamless power delivery. Additionally, the Diamondhead will have a sophisticated automatic transmission that maintains energy efficiency while simultaneously maximizing torque and speed.

Riding Range

The electric bike maker has not given any data on the riding range and other execution angles. Nonetheless, offering a scope of something like 100 km on a solitary charge is expected. According to the information that is available, the front of this Ola bike will have a massive swingarm. It suggests that a hub-cantered steering system might be incorporated.

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It might have a mono-shock suspension in the back. The bike appears to get 17-inch composite wheels donning tubeless tires that offer areas of strength for a grasp. It is planned to have two discs in the front and one in the back for braking. The Diamondhead is also expected to have a one-of-a-kind belt-drive system that lets it change where the footpegs are. You would be able to adjust them to a comfortable or sporty posture.


The upcoming Ola Diamondhead features cutting-edge engineering and futuristic design. Its accessible pictures propose that it has double tone bodywork and full fairing. It likewise displays a full-width level Drove strip and vault formed windscreen. Moreover, the clasp on handlebars and back set footpegs give an energetic riding position. The Diamondhead EV is a visually striking and performance-oriented motorcycle thanks to these components.

OLA Diamondhead Key Specification

In order to keep the electric motorcycle safe and skid-resistant, it must have an antilock braking system. Additionally, a fully digital instrument cluster with a number of cutting-edge features is anticipated. In addition, the bike may have multiple riding modes to make riding easier. Additionally, a cruise control system, LED lighting, and a charger for mobile phones are to be expected.

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Final Words

The Ola Diamondhead electric motorcycle brags of an eye-getting vault formed windscreen with a Drove strip stumbling into it. That is supplemented by cut on handlebars. Adding to its interest is a hidden computerized console, disguised underneath a retractable plastic cover that uncovers itself upon enactment. The most striking feature is the large front swingarm, which suggests a hub-centered steering system. Conceptually, this design is admirable, but its implementation into a production model remains a mystery.

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