International Day of Parliamentarism 2024 History, Themes & Significance

The International Day of Parliamentarism is commended consistently on 30 June, the date in 1889 on which the IPU was established. The Day was laid out in 2018 through a Unified Countries General Gathering Goal. At a time when people are losing faith in political institutions and democracy itself is being challenged by populist and nationalist movements, establishing an international day for parliaments is especially important.

International Day of Parliamentarism 2024

The International Day of Parliamentarism is a time to think about how far parliaments have come in achieving important goals like conducting self-evaluations and working to include more women and young MPs, and adjusting to new technologies. In the event that vote based system is to flourish, parliaments, as the foundation of working majority rule governments, should serious areas of strength for be, responsible and delegate.


The International Day of Parliamentarism was endorsed by the Unified Countries General Get together in 2018 through goal A/RES/72/278 that perceived the job of parliaments in guaranteeing more prominent straightforwardness and responsibility. In a parliamentary majority rules system, residents of a nation choose their delegates for a regulative parliament. The oldest parliament in the world is the Icelandic Parliament, which was established in 930. Consistently, the IPU Leader Council holds a gathering (either virtual or physical) upon the arrival of parliamentarism.

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International Day of Parliamentarism Themes

The subject of public commitment will be the focal point of the 2022 International Day of Parliamentarism. The theme was chosen because of the third International Parliamentary Report, which has a plan for parliaments to engage more with the public.

Significance International Day of Parliamentarism

The International Day of Parliamentarism is important because parliaments are the backbone of democracies that work. The day offers a chance to pioneers and the scholarly people to survey the headway that parliaments have made in accomplishing straightforwardness, responsibility and inclusivity. Additionally, it encourages parliaments to become more technologically savvy and to include more female and younger members. Parliaments are tasked by the United Nations with carrying out international agreements and treaties.

International Day of Parliamentarianism Celebration

The International Day of Parliamentarianism was established by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) of the International Association of Parliamentarians. The International Day of Parliamentarism is an opportunity to survey the headway that parliaments have made in accomplishing a few critical objectives to be more delegate and move with the times, including doing self-evaluations, attempting to incorporate more ladies and youthful MPs, and adjusting to new innovations.

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Building bridges for Peace & Understanding

Building relationships and encouraging cooperation between national parliaments can be accomplished through parliamentary diplomacy. Numerous parliaments urge their individuals to partake in between parliamentary associations, respective trades, and other parliamentary discretion drives. Parliamentarians are able to represent the interests of their nations, encourage dialogue and cooperation with counterparts from other nations, and work toward achieving international consensus.

Democratic Parliamentary Institutions Capable

The IPU plays a crucial role in the establishment of robust, democratic parliamentary institutions that are able to unite societies that are divided in nations that are transitioning to democracy or emerging from conflict. The organization’s ardent support for disarmament further demonstrates its dedication to peace. The IPU supports the full implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1540, which aims to prevent non-State actors from acquiring weapons of mass destruction, and actively advocates for a world without nuclear weapons.

International Cooperation & Resolving Conflicts

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), which was founded in 1889, is the first political multilateral organization whose mission was to promote international cooperation and resolve conflicts through dialogue rather than war. The International Political Union (IPU) has served as a crucial platform for parliamentary diplomacy throughout its history, facilitating meaningful dialogue and mediation between nations. The fact that the organization’s founders and numerous other prominent members have received the Nobel Peace Prize highlights their contributions to global peace efforts and highlights the organization’s impact.

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Final Words

The noble goal of fostering accountability, fostering democratic governance, and encouraging collaboration among national parliaments led to the establishment of the IPU. This year, the International Day of Parliamentarism will stamp its 134th commemoration. The “Parliaments for the Planet” campaign was recently launched by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), according to the website.

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