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The dramedy A Real Pain, Jesse Eisenberg’s second feature film, will open in theaters on October 18, according to Searchlight Pictures. The release of the movie is anticipated even more because this date falls during award season. Even though this idea might not be the most funny, Eisenberg likes to find a middle ground between two opposing viewpoints. The entertainer chief has pulled off this switch previously, quite in the David Encourage Wallace film, This equilibrium was accomplished by A Real Pain, which Collider gave a 9/10 in our survey:

A Real Pain Movie

The movie is now scheduled to hit theaters on October 18, 2024, following its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2024. The movie will open in theaters in the same month as Smile 2, Joker: Folie à Deux, Venom: The Last Dance, and Wolf Man, all of which are well-known productions. David and Benji, cousins who didn’t get along, get together for a tour of Poland to remember their beloved grandmother. The synopsis reads, “The odd couple’s old tensions resurface against the backdrop of their family history, and the adventure takes a turn.”

Release Date

Jesse Eisenberg’s dramedy A Real Pain has been given a new release date after its Sundance run, which was widely acclaimed. As per IndieWire, the film will hit venues on October 18, 2024. In the film, Eisenberg plays both the director and the co-lead, David, who has to deal with his grandmother’s death in a significant way. He and his cousin, Benji (Kieran Culkin), honor their matron by going around Poland on a Holocaust visit.

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A Real Pain isn’t Eisenberg’s first time at the helm, yet it shows his devotion to the art. With Culkin in the role, his ambitious follow-up film achieves a balance of seriousness and comedy. The Progression star has been an independent dear for quite a while, and since his Emmy wins, his star has just risen more. Eisenberg had not seen Progression prior to projecting but rather, subsequent to watching it, was persuaded that nobody could assume the part of Benji yet Culkin.

The Plot: A Real Pain Movie

Eisenberg and Kieran Culkin, who won an Emmy for his role in Succession, star in the movie. A Real Pain recounts the narrative of cousins David and Benji, played by Eisenberg and Culkin individually, who set out on an excursion through Poland to respect their grandma. However, the trip brings back old conflicts and reveals more in-depth family dynamics. The cast is balanced by Will Sharpe, Jennifer Dim, Ellora Torchia, Kurt Egylawan, Liza Sadovy, and Daniel Oreskes.

A Real Pain Movie Cast

Jennifer Grey (from Dirty Dancing), Will Sharpe (from The White Lotus), Kurt Egyiawan (from Beasts of No Nation), Liza Sadovy (from A Small Light), and Daniel Oreskes (from Only Murders in the Building) are among the talented ensemble cast members in A Real Pain. “A Real Pain,” which was also directed by Jesse Eisenberg and won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award, was purchased by Searchlight for a cool $10 million. It was hailed by critics as one of the festival’s best films, if not the best.

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Topic and Fruit Tree worked together on the movie, and Eisenberg is listed as the screenwriter. Ali Herting, Dave McCary, Ewa Puszczynska, Jennifer Semler, Eisenberg himself, and Emma Stone were the project’s producers. When You Finish Saving the World, Eisenberg’s previous dramedy starring Finn Wolfhard and Julianne Moore, is the inspiration for A Real Pain. The film debuted at Sundance and was delivered by A24 in January 2023.

Writer & Director

A Real Pain is composed and coordinated by Eisenberg, who’s likewise driving the cast close by Emmy champ Kieran Culkin (Progression). Will Sharpe from “The White Lotus,” Jennifer Grey from “Dirty Dancing,” Kurt Egyiawan from “The Exorcist,” Liza Sadovy from “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,” and Daniel Oreskes from “Law & Order” are among those who will be joining them. Emma Stone, Dave McCary, Ali Herting, Jennifer Semler, and Ewa Puszczyska are in charge of producing it. Eisenberg and Stone previously collaborated on the Zombieland series, and this is their most recent project together.

A Real Pain Movie Trailer

“A Real Pain” will open in restricted discharge on October 10. This indicates that they hope to win an Oscar for this film, a straightforward character study about two dissimilar cousins, David (Eisenberg) and Benji (Kieran Culkin), who reunite for a trip to Poland to honor their grandmother. However, in light of their family’s Holocaust history, old conflicts reappear.

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Final Words

Searchlight Pictures declared on Tuesday that its dramedy A Real Pain, denoting the sophomore component of entertainer turned-producer Jesse Eisenberg, will hit venues in the main part of grants season, on October 18. The buzz title, starring Eisenberg and Succession Emmy nominee Kieran Culkin, was bought by Searchlight for $10 million in the first major deal from this year’s Sundance Film Festival, as we first reported. The two of them play David and Benji, cousins who reunite for a trip to Poland to honor their grandmother. Eisenberg also wrote the script for the movie.

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